Decorations and Memorials


General Policy:

The Holy Trinity Cemetery property is considered a sacred place and as such must be maintained in a manner which is respectful of all those who have entrusted their loved ones to us. In order to maintain the condition of the cemetery and to be considerate of one another, it is necessary to limit the nature and type of decorations permitted throughout this space. It is the policy of Holy Trinity Cemetery that any item or object other than the memorial stone or installed vase is considered a “decoration”. It is imperative that all decorations be placed in compliance with these rules and regulations which may be amended from time to time as needed.

Flowers at the time of Interment:

Immediately following an interment, the flowers from the funeral may be placed on or near the place of comitial. Removal of flowers shall be as follows:

-Interment in a grave, the funeral flowers will be removed and discarded after five days or until they become unsightly.

Decorations and Flowers not at time of interment:

-Fresh flowers are always permitted and will remain until they become unsightly. Exception: The Saturday after Memorial Day everything is removed for ground maintenance.

-Artificial flowers and decorations are permitted outside the mowing season from October 1st until March 31st. Beginning April 1st and through September 30th, decorations and artificial flowers are not allowed and are subject to removal.

-On special Holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. decorations shall remain until necessary lawn maintenance. Memorial Day clean-up begins on the Saturday following the holiday.

-We reserve the right to remove all decorations and flowers from the cemetery grounds as needed for maintenance and/or repair.

-Except for basic trimming and mowing by the cemetery staff, each family is expected to clean and repair their loved one’s marker as needed.

-No person may plant any type of flowers, bushes, or trees on a grave without the permission of Holy Trinity Cemetery. All unauthorized plantings will be removed by the cemetery groundskeepers without liability.

-Since the cemetery is open to the public, Holy Trinity Cemetery is not liable for any decorations or flowers which may come up missing. Decorations made of wood or plastic, (except floral) may be removed as needed for maintenance. These decorations are subject to be discarded by the groundskeeper. If something is valuable or has strong sentimental value, do not leave it unattended on the grave site.

Perpetual Care:

Holy Trinity Cemetery is responsible for the reasonable care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. This includes general grounds keeping, mowing and trimming. Holy Trinity Cemetery provides no special care of the individual gravesite other than the general care and maintenance expressed herein. The upkeep of the individual markers as far as cleaning remains with the owner of the gravesite. If over time a marker needs to be repaired or replaced, it is at the owners expense. Markers are subject to the freezing and shifting of the ground as well as other related weather and age conditions which may affect their longevity.


Revised 03-18-15